Grobdale of Girthon

Ooh the chilly months !

Starting with

November the big wet soggy kiss..

Rain didn’t stop the new branding or the final touches to the cottages our final mission for the last part of 2020 . Stronger colour logo artwork was needed to make our brand stand out a little more. Navy and stars for the dark skies park, antlers to reference our wildlife and copper because two thirds of us are Ginger in fact Andy is almost a ginger too ( his beard was more copper than silver once you know x

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The big catch up..

The last 3-4 months has been the busiest ever ! we felt like we were trotting everywhere with the slightest feeling of not quite panic hanging over our heads. Its seemed like the fog of busy has finally lifted and we can see the finish line.. at last

July was the final push to get everything ready for our first guests in August

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May the force be with you!

May started off with a very tiny wee last lamb, quickly and aptly named ‘Toots’.. she was born on Star wars day or  May 4th (May the force be with you ) and we were worried that mum being very young herself ( cheeky last years lamb getting in with the ram when she should know better ) didn’t have enough milk.

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Fab’uary, March and April’s madness- Its a hat trick !

The last few months have been very full on, what with the spectacular apocalytic, pandemic that has hit the world .then a drought.. then a moorland bush fire !! sounds biblical doesn’t it .

But not a mention here of the ‘C’ word I promise .

This is my catch up blog because it seems the whole world has conspired against me and my date with a laptop once a month…

They won 3 times it seems but now I need to empty my thoughts out online sorry .

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A ‘Stella’ quote ( did you see the xmas special) that BOAR HAIRYjust seemed rather apt given the added hairyness of our wild boar ! The girls were looking well wrapped up for the winter in their winter coats and didn’t seem to mind some extra bedding too

… Proper cosy in there.

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December whizzed by us at a speed close to that, of a pig after apples ! And before we knew it we had the Christmas trees up ( 4 in total )SANTAS 1.jpg staircase , hallway and kitchen covered in pinery ( green finery) and baubles galore;

Threatening to dangle and glitter , like no one was watching ..




Jobs less sparkly, were the collecting and delivering of sheep with  our new chum Janette,






However there is always a sneaky cute job to do too like  giving the new baby calves their morning bottle feed..

Meet Monica the cutest calf EVER..

(Janette also now owns two of our Tamworths )



Best picture ever, deserves to be full size huh x 


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