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Grobdale of Girthon

Grobdale of Girthon

The world according to gin or maybe pigs !


So November’s here and the  pigs decided , between themselves one day 6182C95B-21D0-46EC-811B-339C3AE2DA3Ethat they needed a change of scenery ..


So one afternoon we decided to take them out down to the loch ,their  first walk out was hilarious they were just proper giddy pants.

The freedom caused them to work up a fair old appetite , as if they needed any encouragement and when they’re hungry the noise they generate is rather impressive compared to their size I can only compare it to

A hundred violins being played REALLY badly !

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Balls and determination!

October started off well with a new addition 1D77DC89-E445-4356-B751-63B43A12EA64to the livestock .. a good friend Jean had a pony that needed a home, so I couldn’t say no and when we met Gemma pony a  section A (tiny hardy sturdy little unit ) she seemed just the thing to keep Lotte company  … just got to get them used to each other and avoid the kicks !

so we are now a farm with 17 ducks, 16 sheep, 10 chickens , 5 pigs , 2 ponies and a dog !

I think that classes as a Farm now not a small holding ?

Ribs were healing well so my thoughts turned to A66F32B1-3375-42FE-8EAA-15050B55D88C
getting back on Lotte , maybe not for anything too speedy but it was frustrating not being able to get out in the lovely autumn sunshine .

Body armour was my weapon of choice and I think it’s pretty sexy huh .. am hoping it will remind me to ride better and stay on !

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September the cliche !


How many September blogs,vlogs, diary posts or novels state this month to be when leaves change colour and temperatures drop ?…well Poo to that I hate to be a cliche, 662DB633-80E6-48B5-BE93-7A078CFBC14Ebut I’m doing it too, there’s an avenue of Beech trees, on my route to most of everything that is stunning at all the spokes of the leaf colour wheel and right now it’s on the turn. There will be more photos as it transforms

I see cars stop all the time to capture the lovely canopy and it regularly stops me in my tracks ..

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Heaving a sigh of relief ..



July ended in a downpour and a brilliant lightening storm that we soooo needed , the ground steamed, soaking up all that lovely rain and visibly heaved a huge sigh of relief.. The husband on the other hand got home one Friday night to find we’d ECDD139B-E3CF-4F84-B67F-2AA9C8DAA8C9actually finally run out of water just as the rain started ,so a man needs a shower .. what does he do ? You guessed it ,he showered naked in the rain ..

I so wish I had a naked husband shower photo to post here .

The rain didn’t last long though and within a few days we had our summer back .

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Everything’s turning out Rosie x

I can’t quite believe it but we are in July and it seems we’ve been here a year ! It’s been a very busy and eventful fun packed , proper “out of anyone’s comfort zone “ kind of year .

In fact there’s no such thing as a comfort zone anymore as every day and each new challenge is always way out of the box ..IMG_0397

Everything’s blooming despite the scorching weather , it could all do with a good soaking but I’m not  complaining and the roses are loving it .. The sheep don’t even seem to notice their massive winter  fleeces !

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A June baby

Our beautiful baby girl turned 18 in June and so it’d be impossible not to make a huge fuss of her .The birthday celebrations started with a bounce ! D7C4883A-8BAC-4AE2-96DA-D3DDB48B8DEFAnd then it all got very messy x

First came her birthday present , a new big trampoline , we’ve had a couple of these over the years and basically worn them out so it’s not going to be neglected .. oh and the sheep quite like it too !D8CEDBC6-9272-435C-B046-BB125942E71C




Anyway , as is usual with us, birthdays sometimes overrun a bit and tend to evolve, so it turned into a 4 day event with a proper fun house full ..

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Hot to trot ..

May was beautifully warm and dry , the weather was amazing , perfect for getting out and about in Dumfries and Galloway…

Lauren really got quite into the F2036793-04A0-463C-BC7B-39F86251D3F4horse scene this month and we began riding lessons over at Barstobrick riding stables  about 20 minutes from the farm, here she is riding Big red , our favourite Irish cob .


We also heard about, and enrolled as volunteers for the RDA  (Riding for the Disabled ) also at Barstobrick. 04C0ED95-29EE-4EA7-A72D-1AC9C1886CD3A lovely weekly horse fix for both us and the clients that access this project.

It seems that wasn’t enough, and after revisiting the  3 R’s stables a Fantastic project run by Susan and Gordon Rescuing, Rehabilitating and Rehoming horses and 6022CFAC-4231-4FE4-B538-7B9331B6FD39ponies.


We soon became volunteers and are learning more every time we drop by . 



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Tamworth’s Grobdale of girthon piglets husband Scotland

As old as the man you feel ..

April 2018 is when the man of the house reaches a half century , so this month a lot of the energy is spent organising a shindig to celebrate !

Other than our gorgeous man, it’s been all about babies this month. Pet lamb easycare sheep bottle feed Scotland Grobdale of girthon
We started the month with lambs popping out all over the place , Toms sheep were first,

Like multi vitamins,

about one a day ..

but with all this new life there has to be a few casualties, the first was a new mum leaving behind a little lamb that became


Twinkle toes

She  soon learned to suckle milk from a bottle and everyone had a go at feeding our new house guest x

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Cute enough to eat ?

Spring arrives in  March thank goodness…. though

someone should really tell the weather ! Cos it clearly thinks it’s still Winter ..

The cold doesn’t stop lambing tho and on our daily check round the fields me and Lauren spotted our first Grobdale lamb for 2018 .. so cute . On our way back down , 9F30E354-E35B-4EDA-8403-7B1E7D7E57BAwe spotted another sheep up on the top , separated from the main flock , a tell tale sign she’s about to lamb so we took the kubota up to check her out . The lamb was coming so we hung on to watch , but it all seemed to be at taking a bit too long and 92247B63-D435-446E-BA43-49AE03F9A2D6she wasn’t going to let me get near and without a dog or a crook (or any sheep wrangling skills for that matter)  so we bombed back to the house and rang a man with a dog . Within the hour he had her caught,birthed , and  shown us how to tube feed the lamb . Mum and baby claimed the first stall in lambing shed and by bedtime the lamb was suckling as he should..

(this is us heading back out to the main flock next day)

A lovely bit of drama to kickstart lambing season .

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Who knew that pigs could bark !

It was February , and so my blog catch up is nearly done , as usual it was a full month..we don’t mess around here sat around drinking tea is sooo not done! Early EFB2DCA0-6E2B-41A7-AD80-DA73A7C02FEE
on in the month we had noticed some tiny eggs appearing with the other hen eggs , our little hatchlings Hetty and Betty(about to become Bert) had starting laying after a few days we realised that Betty was actually a cockerel and so renamed swiftly as Bert..

He may become coq au vin yet .BCD41467-9897-4434-AA84-EDCC4D0F6805

They  make lovely eggy bread though , hey Aunty Sam ,what do you think ?

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