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Grobdale of Girthon


Hello, 2020 was a very odd year and 2021 is proving to be rather similar, Covid 19 has given us all some challenges to overcome so we would like to reassure all our visitors that we take the safety and wellbeing of everyone very seriously. The pandemic has made us all a little worried about how we can keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

Here at Grobdale we are working hard to ensure that your holiday is as relaxing and as worry free, as possible.

We were still in the middle of our renovations when Covid -19 arrived in the country, so we were able to tailor our cottages so that they were equipped, and all our staff were trained on how to keep us all safe.

Our cleaning staff have undertaken a specific covid -19 cleaning course and we as a company have signed up for both the Good to Go initiative with visit Scotland and the Safer Stays Principles guidelines from Scottish We also follow guidance from the Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers.

The timing of the pandemic was such that it enabled us to ensure all our cleaning products and appliances were suitable for keeping this virus away from all of us so –

Each cottage has its own designated cleaning equipment and appliances, so nothing is transferred from one dwelling to another via a hoover or mop for instance.

The products we use to disinfect and sanitise after each guest are Log 6, which means they kill 99.9999% *of all known viruses, that’s not just bacteria and if you look at anything you buy it will at most likely say its 99.99%* effective, ours are Covid 19 un-friendly but planet friendly we have products that can be used directly on hands but still, with clever science eradicate the virus.

We have a cleaning programme that we can share with you should you need further reassurance however it involves a lot of PPE, fogging, steaming , disinfecting, and sanitising  before a final clean and polish throughout each room and once complete the cottage has a final disinfecting fog and then is closed to everyone until its new guests arrive.

You will find we operate a self-check in with a welcome pack to read online in the stay planner or within a (sanitised) folder at each cottage. To keep us all socially distanced further we can be contacted by private message at most times with any other queries or a chat outside will usually iron anything else out.

We hope that you will contact us with any further questions you may have by email or text message; And that we will be able to reassure you that we are doing everything possible to keep us all safe and worry free.