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Grobdale of Girthon

Nipple cream for the pig !

Nora has had an internet acquaintance over 568B0223-2174-4A58-B004-CE3E4D0D96BDfor a sleepover !

She held out for a week and then had to give in to his charms .. floozy , but hopefully we have piglets on the way , thus..

“Nipple cream for our pig “

Or in reality , udder cream to moisturise our rather dry skinned porker . She needs a littleNORA BREAKFAST IN BED bit of pampering , and attention, poor Tamworth, she’s got a bit of cabin fever but I need to make sure she’s eating enough and Boaris keeps nicking her breakfast !

So she’s residing in lambing shed, enjoying more of our attentions than she would normally get ..  All good as far as she’s concerned , oh and she gets to scoff all her brekky x


Our big build project started in earnest, in March . A33BBD76-242F-49DC-B508-28CEF1894FE4The Plan to renovate the original steading buildings, and turn them into holiday cottages began 18 months ago with lots of talk, e mails , drawings and

Finally we had a building crew on site!

This is the first digger scoop of many .. and the first big machinery to arrive , again of 2AE65E6F-1B2E-4336-B331-9C201B100F3Emany x it wasn’t long before it was mud , puddles,

Hi Viz  and machinery everywhere .

Its bloody exciting though , our evil and cunning plan coming into play. Phase 1 all the utilities and building work.. or at least until the first ‘spendoolies’ runs out .

Talking of money, I wrangled a jolly  down to Brum for the Home building &renovating show    with a view on finding some A853CFEF-D484-4DB7-A3D4-72BC62AA0820more suppliers and cross costing a couple of things .. turned  out rather well .. going with my personal interior designer Amelia Wilson (ok sister) I came back with a few more Ideas    ,(Amy’s post ) contacts and a belly full of lovely Brum curry .. yum

looking forward to our wild boar meat later next month , it’s gonna make a great vindaloo !234EAE73-5E8B-4800-A4A4-4CE67A979927

The piglets were getting bigger and it was time to send them to the big muddy puddle in the sky .. a weigh in had given us a guide weight of between 47 and 57 kg ..

Not far off their “goal weight”

Since they are rather special porkers we felt that they deserved to go to good kitchens , so, as well as our regular fabulous cooks and customers:

I approached a couple of local foodie restaurants hence Grobdale pork will be found on the menu’s at Mr Pooks  a lovely new restaurant and bar in Castle Douglas, The Selkirk Arms in Kircudbright (my favourite place for Lobster EVER) The Masonic Arms in our local town of Gatehouse of fleet home of a fantastic burger ..and more , am still on a sales mission .

Result.. good to aim high, am very looking forward To seeing our name on the specials boards next month..

Btw June is Lobster month , just sayin x