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Grobdale of Girthon


A ‘Stella’ quote ( did you see the xmas special) that BOAR HAIRYjust seemed rather apt given the added hairyness of our wild boar ! The girls were looking well wrapped up for the winter in their winter coats and didn’t seem to mind some extra bedding too

… Proper cosy in there.

Not just the animals got a bit hairy this month!WINDOW DELIVERY


.. A window delivery on the windiest day known to man (70 mile an hour gusts no less) gets the hairy title too.


It was so flippin scary pants that it forced us to unload at ‘big shed’ in the safety of the wind shelter ‘a decision done good’ to keep everyone safe and rather a lot of ‘spendoolies’ undamaged.

The arrival was very welcome though,DOORS GOING IN as it means our cottages will start to look finished, ooh exciting;







..and the builders get a nice dry, less chilly working environment for the next few months working on the interiors .

We are hoping to complete the build sometime before the summer holidays  , WEBSITE 2which means that my website plan is in full swing with a launch due end Feb we hope , tons of decisions to make this next few months and information to put together..


Alex at CSU is doing a fabulous job of interpreting the  ideas in my rather hectic brain into code .. urgh

.. not a safe place inside my head !

Writing the text for the website has made me GROBDALE SKIESresearch  more deeply into the local attractions and made me realize how lucky we really are, to live in such a  beautiful, culture rich area .. who knew !



We take so much for granted , and we’ve only been here a short time , Its good to take a look around your patch.



One of our fave places and something most definately to mention in our ‘local attractions file’ would be Barstobrick , Laurens confidence is unbelievable sometimes .. Watching her learn to ride with the amazing Isla , this is her leading me and her out on a hack,  shes riding Daisy and as anyone who knows daisy will know that  keeping her in front and moving is not easy, not bad for a novice

.. and amazing for an anxious Autistic teen !


Lauren’s confidence is very high on our list of parenting priorities , so when she started working with Treasure Island once a week we were chuffed to say the least.

The partnership between her and the staff is fabulous , and lovely to watch. She’s even talking about arranging a farm visit up to Grobdale to show the tiny turtles around !

March would be good to see the new piglets ,ooh I see cute photos ..


Cant wait to see what valentines month brings us.