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Grobdale of Girthon

Husbands Love Laryngitis !




When I get a cold , its rare, I’m pretty bomb proof usually, however when the snot strikes it usually affects my speech and this ,my hubster LOVES I’m sure you can guess why..

So to alleviate his pain I’ll carry on and type instead,  keeping my online diary otherwise known as the Grobdale blog and this would be August.

Funny how you get a cold when its gorgeous outside , this was the day the tractors came to make hay at the farm . .Very exciting and inspired a husband I know, to start buying machinery as if he needed any encouragement !

First up was a Kubota or Mule as they are sometimes known..



Everyone loves this as its loads of fun to drive . We’ve had 7 year olds right upto 76 year olds manning the wheel . This is sarah driving and no she’s not 76 (closer to 7 actually in her love for glitter).

The Kubota came in very useful , in Loch project number 2 .. a new bridge for the Loch (or fishing platform as the husbands like to call it ) over to Malc’s island.



The bridge was built over two days , and made use of our newly aquired dinghy renamed “Dignity”, anyone remember  Deacon blue ? Listen to the lyrics it’s a really poignant story in the song..


The tall dark upright pieces of timber section are “Ironwood” apparently . We inherited them a few years ago , we think they were used when shoring up the sides of the canals, but check this out, it’s the only wood that actually sinks, it’s that heavy and dense ! we are hoping that it’s so robust it won’t need replacing for a reeeeally looooong time…


The bridge also inspired a fabulous gift from the wonderful Lowe gang , Thank you Karl and Wendy you rock.. It has pride of place and looks fantastic.


It seems I’m not the only one who loves a bit of vinyl huh Karl..

August was a really busy month, we had lots of visitors, some just for an hour or two some just wouldn’t go !! (only joking we love all our guests ) To say most people think we are a bit off the beaten track though, we don’t ever get lonely :).

Marie and family joined us for an afternoon on their way back down the country and FROGbrought us our most “scottish” house warming present .. a frog ! its apparently a traditional gift here for a new house owner – someday I’ll find out what that’s all about ,I do love it though and it has pride of place in the back hall .






COCO 1   Image result for cocoa bean factory

With lots of guests , coming and going it would be rude not to show them some of the Galloway’s best bits so we got quite good at tour guiding , there is something for everyone here.. our youngest visitor Skye loved  The Coco Bean Experience  

                      And yes, it was the two of them

nearly in trouble.. Rascals.

But I think our greatest find was Kittys Tearoom in New Galloway, a gorgeous afternoon tea destination. We keep finding a reason to take guests over there..Its epic and if you ask nicely I will accompany you for a “fat nan” any day..(eh Ali Shockledge 🙂


My tea on the left and Steph’s builders tea on the right..

  Anyway enough about tea and cake..

Btw the tractor on the right is making huge round bales, and the one on the left picks them up , spins them round whilst wrapping them in plastic .. Mesmerizing but flippin dangerous on a steep slope ! One rolled away and took out a section of wall ! Its only when you have to rebuild that bit of wall that you understand how robust, and how heavy the bales are.  It’s then that you realise its made of granite for a reason ..


        Just like us, its going nowhere !!







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