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Grobdale of Girthon

Everything’s turning out Rosie x

I can’t quite believe it but we are in July and it seems we’ve been here a year ! It’s been a very busy and eventful fun packed , proper “out of anyone’s comfort zone “ kind of year .

In fact there’s no such thing as a comfort zone anymore as every day and each new challenge is always way out of the box ..IMG_0397

Everything’s blooming despite the scorching weather , it could all do with a good soaking but I’m not  complaining and the roses are loving it .. The sheep don’t even seem to notice their massive winter  fleeces !


These are my neighbour “hoots”  Black face sheep mine were desperate for a hair cut so we booked a lovely shearer George to do the deed and also give me a shearing lesson.

And after all that the girls

looked a helluva lot better ..

After their haircut, looking hot to trot ..just after shearing.Grobdale herdwicks

And no ,I didn’t interfere, and yes I did leave the expert to clip the sheep …

Not long after shearing time we were offered some ducks , you may remember I failed miserably at the auction earlier in 779B293B-551C-4BCA-8631-FE93B33F0D9Athe year so we jumped at the chance to populate the loch ..  meet our new youngsters two Indian runners  , one Appleyard  and two Cayuga  ducks (or kadgagoogoos as Karl named them ) very lovely dontcha think .7C50CEED-CE86-4797-8B05-4E97028D3864

We kept them penned for a few days to get used to their new home before giving them some freedom , oh they were soooo happy to get open water ..

Proper giddy

Another purchase this month , and a bit more pricey than the ducks was a posh lens for the camera ..


ooh what a difference a lens makes 

shame it doesn’t also photoshop my wrinkles .


But it does make capturing our wildlife so much more fun and possible for us amateurs .


Back to our own animals and Nora proved herself to be a bit of a tease this month as her “due date” came and went without the appearance of piglets .. ah well back to the drawing board as they say

and back to watching my pigs bum ! 

Apart from Nora , we do manage to see plenty of other babies, earlier in the summer we had watched the wild ducks hatching their eggs and ushering the babies off into img_1252the wild, then there were nests outside our windows housing house martins and their new chicks,. Even the owl boxes that we put up managed to rear a clutch of Barn owl  chicks IMG_0740 (2)





(cant wait to catch sight of those)..

oh  and Ailsa arrived one Wednesday afternoon carrying a box full 1CC6A927-708C-4EE0-8C88-4DE3666D37BEof Muscovy ducklings … am sure I only asked for 6 it proper looks like double that to me.

.. flippin baby birds everywhere !!

The farm keeps us busy, but we do like a trip out , img_1154and one I’d been itching to get out to was to see how the img_1141new owner of  Cally Gardens was settling in .

It seems  Kevin Hughes is making his mark and keeping the standards high at Cally , a must see garden for any of our horticulturaly minded visitors (and my personal favourite garden) The most beautiful walled garden ..anywhere I challenge you !..


Talking of gardens , ours was getting busy with itself again and our five a day we’re getting proper out of hand , no shortage of “pick your own” guests either ximg_1204

Lovely photo of wendy here dontcha think?..

 Finally we had a lovely belated birthday (mine) visit from my bestie and so everythings really looking rather Rosy (lea) still.. come back soon Steph and Alex



Sorry were you expecting pictures of our roses ..


0 thoughts on “Everything’s turning out Rosie x”

  1. Made me cry 😢. Brilliant blog once again. Sorry bout Nora but watching the house Martin’s was a lovely way to wake up. See you in 4 weeks, Hun, love you all loads.x

  2. Made me cry 😢. Brilliant blog once again. Sorry bout Nora but watching the house Martin’s was a lovely way to wake up. See you in 4 weeks, Hun, love you all loads.x

    1. Don’t tell me that , it makes me sad too , Nora’s bum was very pink today could mean I’ll crack on the rubber gloves in 21 days 🤞🏼👩🏼‍⚕️x looking forward to our road trip

  3. Another Great Blog, Sarah.
    Oh and thanks for the lovely card from you and Lolly Xxx

    Best wishes for the Next Year !
    Aunty Rozie