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Grobdale of Girthon

The world according to gin or maybe pigs !


So November’s here and the  pigs decided , between themselves one day 6182C95B-21D0-46EC-811B-339C3AE2DA3Ethat they needed a change of scenery ..


So one afternoon we decided to take them out down to the loch ,their  first walk out was hilarious they were just proper giddy pants.

The freedom caused them to work up a fair old appetite , as if they needed any encouragement and when they’re hungry the noise they generate is rather impressive compared to their size I can only compare it to

A hundred violins being played REALLY badly !

They are in trouble at the moment with the man of the house as they realised that the large bales taste lovely ! So since those are not meant for pigs and are rather expensive ,walks are restricted to our track , no more field trips for now ..

The pigs are most of our visitors favourites,506924DA-546F-46C9-9C9E-B6C697C9DB2B
probably because they’re cute, cheeky and full of mischief .. they escaped one morning just in time for my cousin to kate to develop a new skill.. not something she is usually found doing,  crochet is her most frequent sport of choice but now she’s nailed

pig wrangling” ..

Wrangling  the pigs became a common occurrence by all of us as the little buggers managed a few “Steve McQueen “moments ..  just as we’d tackled the latest pig escape we had in intruder escape from next 954DA947-AA8F-41B2-875D-930FF813ECDDdoor into my sheep field !

A neighbouring ram decided he fancied our ladies , time for another eviction ..

A quick message to Ian my neighbour had him escorted ,after a fair bit of chasing around back to his own ladies..



My own Sheep are a lot less hassle and were our next task of the month , Tupping time  is traditionally bonfire night or beginning November for lambs beginning April or April fools day however you look at it ..2B07172B-A170-4B8A-B7C0-69E04B6970DA first job was to go fetch or rustle some sheep from my good friend Kiersten at  Greenhills  who were going to join mine for their annual boyfriend visit ..

Love having so many more sheep , Herdwicks rock!

A couple of days later when the girls had settled FF72B957-C9D0-4DF8-9D4C-0F725A6C394Dinto their new home , Kiersten brought Gibbs the ram over to join them for a month and hopefully make us some lovely lambs for next spring .

He’s a bit handsome  huh.

The Farm always has jobs or animals to deal with in one way or another so it’s 5C8450DF-0844-4933-9361-D634E9EE5A7C

lovely when we have visitors , as they usually love helping out. Aunty sam was an ace shepherd and loved our herdys and  a good bit of therapy was had feeding our flock ..


I love it when we get to share our peace and quiet was a great weekend with  lots of laughs..

1F515AB6-D759-4165-B990-C067CDD61C94After  all the sheep moving and visitors we were looking forward to a sneaky gin and tonic but no ! on my way down the hill looking forward to a glass of lovlieness  I noticed the pesky pigs galavanting , they’d escaped again !






Those pigs have a taste for adventure .. and if they’re not careful it’ll be us tasting their bacon ! Rascals x


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