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Grobdale of Girthon

The big catch up..

The last 3-4 months has been the busiest ever ! we felt like we were trotting everywhere with the slightest feeling of not quite panic hanging over our heads. Its seemed like the fog of busy has finally lifted and we can see the finish line.. at last

July was the final push to get everything ready for our first guests in August


Adhering to all the social distancing and hygiene rules became second nature to everyone.






Doug has had everyone busy and organised , big shed was starting to empty finally…

Its been rammed full of bathroom, tiles, insulation , timber and furniture for the last few months but its starting to breathe again as everything starts to find its place in the cottages.


The animals seem oblivious to the extra activity around the farm, baby ducklings keep popping up , another batch appeared one morning under Gwendoline who had been sat patiently next to the fence outside the chicken house for what seemed way longer than a month .. perseverance it seems pays off , mum and ducklings are staying safe in the little hen shed in the garden though until we catch the greedy stoat that keeps eating my babies!




We managed some visitors this month , Amy , Steph, Alex and the Lowes have all crossed the border to spend a couple of days with us checking out how the cottages are coming along and squeezing in a bit of R& R along the way ..


Even little Maisie didn’t get away with a job .. a wee bit of welcome pack modeling .

August was bonkers as the push just kept going.. 

It was the month of bathrooms and final Image may contain: indoorpaneling in the bedrooms and hallways.







we were keen to give the cottages a good quality finish without it being too stuffy and hard to relax in. So fittings and finishes are hard wearing and hopefully stylish but still homely ..



electricals arrived and were installed , huge orders of dishwashers, ovens fridge freezers, washing machines tumble dryers, tv’s, induction hobs, extractor fans and chimneys, hoovers blimey you name it ive ordered it ! 3 of this 2 of that 4 of the other .. 



All the while the the garden was chucking out tons of produce, the onions this year have been awesome, we couldn’t keep up ! 




We had some new arrivals at the end of the month , 3 very lovely hens with fancy breeding came to stay ( a gift from preston )

Just gorgeous..


September didn’t let up much ! 

We had the last of the internal painting to do , a mammoth white paint job, we called in the experts to do the gloss work , but the emulsion was all our own doing and it was monstrous, we did not realise how much rolering was to be done..







I’m not publishing the photos of me painting , I look like a troll , emulsion in my hair .. not a great look 🙂 

Building work aside the pigs got a new pen, they were in heaven , I love it when they get a new patch to dig .




Andy’s favourite part of the farm life.


The bees have done really well this summer , Gary came to show me how to put them to bed for the

winter. A treatment to keep them healthy , lots of feeding them up ready for a slow down and yes we managed to harvest a little honey .. yum 





Gary’s also our talented  photographer , capturing all the images for the website and the cottages marketing ..

I really enjoyed getting the cottages set up for their photographs, Im not sure Gary was that pleased with me though it seems I am a litte bit OCD ! its so hard though , a photograph shows up every little flaw..

The month ended with a delivery of cattle , we needed some of the grass eating down so that it will grow better in spring , hence 12 in calf heifers arrived one sunny afternoon , much to Laurens delight

September flew by and before we knew it It was October !

Handrails all rustic were required, we felt to keep our guests safe,

Planning officer Jim had specified a couple but we have added a few more to make it a tumble free zone. Andy loves a bit of iron work ..

outside the Dykers were working on the landscaping , creating a final more accessible parking space outside The Byre. The Granite looks amazing , huge slabs 900 x 900 ! cant wait to start planting x

Up on the hill though ..

October was time to put the Tup with my ewes to make some lambs for next spring, Kiersten sent her new Ram over to me first and he got settled in pretty quick, so am hoping for some lovely new babies in March ..

I love this picture of my favourite people , and am looking forward to our spring lambs x

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  1. Love ❤️ it, great to read the catch up. That final photo is perfect, encapsulates Grobdale. Love you all.x