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Grobdale of Girthon

November the (sneaky) Ninja !

November  descended on us all like a sneaky ninja … ( well it was dark, and black a lot )

where has this year gone ?

We  feel like we’ve fairly trotted from one job to another non stop since forever … But what a lot’s been achieved .

The build is coming on , and taking shape . Each of the cottages has a complete roof now, Velux windows are going in to add more lVELUX 1ight to each room .. 17 in all with remote control opening and blinds and sensors to close them if it rains , clever stuff..


Underfloor heating is hidden under over 100 tonnes of concrete flooring all about to be connected up to a ground source heat pump system harvesting warmth from underground , so no fuel bills and 1/3 of the electricity bill we hope to control it  .

Beautiful sleek windows are on order and due in the new year to complete the weather proofing, adding to the heat efficiency as well as the aesthetics.

bobbyThe builders are non stop , slating roofs, building internal walls finishing the soakaway plumbing  , insulating everything within an inch of its beautiful stone robust life.. and keeping all the trades on track.







My favourite bit is watching the dykers put the original stonework back to rights and adding more to the extensions ,making it all look beautiful again..

They might be working hard , but behind the scenes I’m on research and costings.

GELSTONChecking out granite stonework on recent builds our dykers have completed at Gelston castle to see if its a product we can use. GELSTON PAVING




Interviewing website companies to hopefully find the right person to design and build our website just like the image in my head

( don’t go there , my noggin is a scary place  )

Trawling auctions , social media marketplaces and antique shops , for good quality furniture to furnish each of the rooms.. that’s 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms and 3 living rooms !! costing fresh new linens , curtains and soft furnishings bathroom and kitchen appliances and equipment ..

The house looks like a junk shop storing all my shopping

The list is not getting shorter ! but it is coming together and we are  excited to see the end result next spring/ summer ..

As well as the build , the farm keeps us on our toes but we feel like we are starting to understand a bit more about how the farm needs to be worked,

keeping drains running so the land can dry out after rain. MAKING HAYMaking hay to feed our animals in the winter , and a little money to pay feed bills.

Fixing the fences , dykes and gates when we can , but getting in a contractor to do the more skilled or time consuming jobs so that they get finished and keep our stock safe and more importantly in the right place.HAROLD AND HIS GANG

Learning to get the timing right with our breeding stock, to increase the flock or produce meat with the pigs , and keeping the ratio of boys to girls right in the poultry orchard and on the loch so that the girls just have enough male interest in their lives  , not too many pestering boys about ..POULTRY MADNESS






Though we’ve ended up with rather a lot of poultry ..

Making business connections with local restaurants to sell our meat is an important part of the farm , keeping the money flowing in as well as out and the produce for sale in our  pubs and restaurants local , super fresh and great quality  .THE SHIP


Lots of this is trial and error so … I seem to ask a lot of questions !

We research and read a lot , but are also  lucky enough to have a lot of amazingly knowledgeable friends and neighbours thankfully happy to share their wisdom ..


So wrap up warm and come visit us soon , winters coming John Snow and the days are rather short the now..


R.I.P Nana Audrey

nana 2


Encouraging us all to ride x


2 thoughts on “November the (sneaky) Ninja !”

  1. Lovely read and I’ve got all the development mapped out in my head. I can almost visualise that bulging bulldog clip with a multitude of lists!! All that shopping you’re gonna have to do to furnish your pad – what a shame!
    All your Hunter hard graft is paying off, praise indeed xx
    See you perhaps Feb half-term – if you’re not booked up. But we’d bed down in caravan if needs be!
    See you laterz new potatoes Ali x

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