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Grobdale of Girthon


December whizzed by us at a speed close to that, of a pig after apples ! And before we knew it we had the Christmas trees up ( 4 in total )SANTAS 1.jpg staircase , hallway and kitchen covered in pinery ( green finery) and baubles galore;

Threatening to dangle and glitter , like no one was watching ..




Jobs less sparkly, were the collecting and delivering of sheep with  our new chum Janette,






However there is always a sneaky cute job to do too like  giving the new baby calves their morning bottle feed..

Meet Monica the cutest calf EVER..

(Janette also now owns two of our Tamworths )



Best picture ever, deserves to be full size huh x 


Getting ready for Christmas involved learning how to make  chocolate bombs , an idea we came up with after seeing a facebook post ..


These may turn out to be a  treat in our guest welcome baskets .. who knows..







Farm jobs are always rather varied and the one’s that I quite like,are the challenging ones like ..

Loading a 1/3 of a tonne of a pig by yourself into a teeny tiny trailer!!

to return our loan boar back home  to Shankend Farm JASPERin the borders..Once done though its  a lovely drive , I think Jasper quite enjoyed his jaunt too .

On my return , our newly arrived guests got stuck in , freshening Nora up a bit.






Steph giving Nora a ‘Boar scent removing’ bubble bath..




Couldnt get that song out of my head ever since ! so I’m gonna give it you now ! pass it on 🙂

Bathing our pigs is not the norm’ but life on a farm is non stop jobs, as one friend put it ” dashing from one near calamity to another “… anyhow ,

The build is also gaining WOODSTORESmomentum.

Furniture buys, renovations and storage has become a weekly occurrence along with tasking the workshop and Andy (when quiet) to make wood-stores and furniture .



The piles of notes , photos , kitchen plans and fabrics just got “designer” organised (Jules you’ll love this x )



I’m a bit passed ‘mood boards’ (waste of time even if they are pretty) but an organised heap of things for each cottage is how I rock and roll right now .. am just moving into the 3rd lever arch file of planning e mails , certificates, notes and quotes for a million different items .. so filing is key right now !

Its hotting up, and me and Lauren are just girding our loins for a mammoth shopping trip .. you may not hear from us for a while as we get lost in a metropolis somewhere, soon .

Anyway christmas is upon us and I figured a bit more ‘christmas hat’ photos is what this needed so hey, me and Lotte sporting our fave head gear right now .. adios amigos hope you’ve enjoyed the festive period and see you in the new year..


not my best blog as far as grammar , spelling IT stuff and continuity goes , but hey .. new years resolution – to be a better blogger  x

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  1. Wow! Such a busy time, but everything coming together so well!
    Can’t wait to see the finished result 😊

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